Welcome to Chemical Exterminating. This is kind of a misnomer as here you will find information on bed bug heat treatments provided throughout New Jersey New York and Pennsylvania. Bedbug heat treatment is the fastest and most efficient way to eliminate bed bugs from a home or office with the least impact and with the most effectiveness.

Compared to chemical programs heat treatment will get rid of bed bugs same day. In addition there is very little preparation and you are not living out of bags for several weeks. You also do not have to be the bedbug bait. With the chemical program you must stay in the unit after treatment to ensure that the bed bugs emerge to feed. In addition multiple treatments are scheduled to coincide with egg hatch because the eggs are in most cases not eliminated by chemical sprays.

Bed bug heat treatment is a green program. Compare that to multiple sprays of toxic pesticides. Using heat to kill bed bugs is the most efficient and eco-friendly method bedbug extermination known to man. There are several excellent companies that provide bedbug heat treatment. And then there are some companies that are not so good. The most important thing is to get a list of references, a written agreement, a warrantee, and some type of method to ensure that all the bed bugs are gone.

If you have any questions you may call us toll-free at 877-757-7767. In most cases we can give you a quotation over the phone and with the most experienced crews and the largest access to equipment in the tri-state area we can typically get you treated and get your life back within just a few days. Thank you for visiting us.

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